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Browse and Choose Items

9 Items recommended for Best Results.


-Browse our Collection

-Choose/ Click on an Item & Color

-Click 'ADD PRODUCT' to add to Your Store.

More than 9 please Contact us first.  877-996-5050 or


Designs & Artwork

When you have your items. Click   Upload Artwork>>

Don't have your own art file? That's Okay!

Skip over the Artwork Step by clicking   Store Information>>


-We will Create a Design (No Charge.)

If you HAVE your own art file:

-You can Email your Design:

-Please include any info about your design that we should know.


-Each store is allowed up to a 1-3 color print for 1 Full Front Design or 1 Left Chest Design.  In addition 1 Ladies (bling) Design and

1 Pants/Sorts Design.

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Submit your Request!

-Enter your contact information (please fill out all fields)

-Click 'Complete!' to send us Your Store.  We will finish it.

-Within 24-48 hours, one of our Spirit Experts will contact

you for with the Finished Store for Your Approval.

-CONGRATS! That's it!  You did it!

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OR! We can create it for you...

Just submit this form and let us do all the work!

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