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REWARDS PROGRAM...Awesome!   Only at National Spirit Wear!



- Receive $40 coupon code towards store items when you open an online store


- Receive $10 coupon code for each Coach or one free text only embroidered Polo Shirt (up to 6, based on how many potential buyers. )


  • Less than $500 in sales - No profit amount will be given (Pricing is based on anticipated minimum sales.  When those minimums are not met, we cannot turn any funds back to the school or program. )

  • $500-$1499 

    • Minimums have been met, requested profit will be given at the end of sale.

    • FREE 30" x 72" Vinyl Banner OR 3 Free T-Shirts from the online store 

  • $1500+

    • Minimums have been met, requested profit will be given at the end of sale

    • Extra $5 Credit for every $100 in sales

    • FREE 30" x 72"  Vinyl Banner AND 6 Free T-Shirts from the online store 

SHIPPING/DELIVERY.  1.) Bulk Delivery of an Online Store to one location..FREE for sales over $1,000.   Stores sales under $1,000 are Shipped at UPS rates.  Free Pick up available at our Aurora location.   2.) Online Stores with shipping direct to customers is based on a Flat Rate per order. Free Pick up available at our Aurora location.

BACK ORDER POLICY.  If an item becomes unavailable we may substitute with a different brand or very similar style that meets the quality and style that was offered or if not available, the item will be cancelled.

RETURNS/EXCHANGES.  Your order is a custom made order, sorry but we are not able to take a Return or Exchange any items.   Help? ... We are willing to Discount a replacement of you order wrong.

QUALITY SATISFACTION.  Our goal is to provide quality products. Please contact us if you feel an item is defective.

CANCELLATIONS.   Cancellations, may be possible, only with in the first 48 after you place your order and at our discretion based on actual timing and weekends, etc.  We promise do do our best to accommodate but these are time sensitive spirit wear programs so products are orders very quickly after an online store closes.

DELIVERY TIME. Once an online store closes, we order products and production depts., prep files and more. Our average time not counting shipping time, is only about 10-12 working days before it is shipped.

MISSED THE DEADLINE?  We want to accommodate late order requests. Not every item will be available and the price wiLl be slightly higher. Please Email or Call us to inquire.  ( 630-851-0000 )

FUNDRAISER CHECKS.  For Schools, Public Entities, Government, Park District, NPO, etc. checks cannot be made out to a person's name.     Checks for fundraiser/commission based e-stores can only be made out to a person's name if that person is the Owner of a  Band, Artistic media, Sole Proprietor business and others as per discretion of National Spirit Wear LLC and/or Boomer T's.